Devgadh Baria is a small town of Gujarat state.The name ,Devgadh Baria of the place derived two words.Devgadh is the name of the mountain that is surrounding the town and Baria is the name of local tribe. Most of the poor live in slums at the edge of the town, and at the foot of the mountain. I have been in the habit of doing morning walks for years. Many times in the morning in the hills I would hear a man's loud howl. In the dim light of the early morning, I thought that a tiger or a panther had come on the mountain as usual. But one day I was a little late to walk .And I heard a loud voice of a man from the hill again .. I saw a forest officer running with a stick in his hand to repel 15 to 20 little boys and girls from the mountain. I saw that all the little boys and girls ran and hid in their huts at the foot of the mountain. I followed them to their hut. I asked their parents why do you send these little children on the mountain early in the morning? Their parents told me that we have no fuel for cooking so we send our children to the forest to get firewood.

Many people give kacha rations to the poor, but they have no fuel to cook. In today's skyrocketing inflation, even for a common man , it is very difficult to get fuel for cooking like fire wood or kerosene, than how can these poor people get it ? That is why these poor people send their children to the forest to fetch cooking wood instead of sending them to school. As a result their children cannot study and they remain poor. So, if the poor are given cooked meals, their boys can go to school and they can get out of poverty. So at the same time I decided to give cooked food to the poor ,and for this I had inquired to get a small room and a small space in the Devgadh Baria, but no one in the village gave a small room or space to cook for the poor. Everyone said that we do not like the poor people come in front of our house.


I bought a small pakka house from my own fund, and started to give cooked food to poor tribal people of Devgadh Baria on the holy day of Dussehra in 2012. Initially, cooked food was delivered to 30 poor people on a bike every day. Gradually the number of beneficiaries increased from 30 to 100. So there was a delay in giving meals to all the beneficiaries at home daily. After that food distribution was started at the food center (Aahar ) so that the beneficiaries could get their meals on time. For the first two years we provided free meals to poor people at our own expenses without taking any donations from anyone.. After that a Trust was formed and its name was registered as AAHAR CHARITABLE TRUST. At present we provide cooked meals to about 140 poor people daily. Of these, 18 are disabled, 82 are widows or widowers and 40 are very poor.


Free food provide to poor and disabled people of Devgadh Baria.
From the beginning till 30-6-21 we have given free tiffins to 4,02,700- poor and needy.
Free primary treatment center.
25,564 patients took free primary treatment at Our center till 30-06-21.

Free tiffin provider to the poorest people and crippled of devgadh baria

Bank Account



aahar charitable trust

A/C No : 918010015097182

Ifsc code : UTIB0001431

Bank Account



aahar charitable trust

A/C No : 01850200000280

Ifsc code : BARB0DEVGAD

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simple lunch

5,000 rs.

150 poorest people


3,000 rs.

150 poorest people

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8,000 rs.

lunch with sweets to 150 poorest people

monthly recurring

1,50,000 rs.

monthly recurring



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Dr. Devindrabala Narichaniya

Monaben Patel

Harshadbhai Panchal

Jayeshbhai Dave

Meghaben Soni

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